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The Importance of the Next Generation

AgVicTalk chats with our Katrina Garraway and Jane Finch

Mentoring is a great way to support and encourage the next generation of primary producers in the horticulture sector. In this episode, we chat with Katrina Garraway on how she has started her career with select harvest during a year 10 work experience placement. She is now balancing study and work and has formal mentoring structured into her horticulture job.

We then chat with Jane Finch, Operations Manager for Select Harvest who is doing the fabulous job of mentoring Katrina and supporting her career development.

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Investing in Our People

We are pleased to announce the role out of two innovative and generous policies that continue our investment in growing our people and culture.

>> Parental Leave Policy

Parenting is unbelievably rewarding. And of course, it can be challenging too. For most people, adjusting to this new role takes time and requires flexibility and support.

So we are pleased to announce an update to our Parental Leave Policy which has been developed with an understanding of the demands on today's new parents.

In a nutshell, the changes to our Parental Leave Policy allow greater flexibility for parents, as well as supporting diverse parenting scenarios with employer funding for partners and adoptive parents. The changes also encourage and support our people to return to work after a period of parental leave.

>> Community Service Leave Policy

Being a key employer in the regional areas we operate in, we are committed to connecting and developing relationships with these surrounding communities.

Our people volunteer with emergency services, community hospitals, schools and other community volunteer organisations that benefit the local community. The uplifting sense of accomplishment and connection is beneficial to everyone and underpins our commitment to social responsibility and giving back to our local communities.

We support and encourage our staff to be involved in community volunteer work and this is reflected in the development of our new Community Service Leave Policy providing paid community service leave for all of our employees.

Apprenticeships at Select Harvests

"Jesse and Colby are two apprentices in a horticulture industry that's going gangbusters!" Jesse McGinty, Apprentice Electrician and Colby Mannix, Apprentice Mechanical Fitter and Turner, tell their stories about how they landed apprenticeships with Select Harvests in the Mallee District.

Jobs in the Mallee

Skills Victoria

Skills Victoria chat with Jesse McGinty and Colby Mannix about their journeys into an apprentice with Select Harvests



From the Inside

We asked our people about a wide range of topics in regard to the culture at Select Harvests. Diversity, values, technology and zero harm are just a few. These one-on-one videos are produced from informal conversations with staff from Thomastown and Robinvale.


We ask our people about diversity. What it means to them and how it fits into our culture.



The success of our business is underpinned by the knowledge, experience and talent of our people. They help drive and grow our business and contribute to a high performance culture that values excellence and an ongoing commitment to safety.

We aim to offer our people with a supportive and engaging work environment that enables them to grow their careers.

In return, we expect our people to maintain high standards at all times in their work, whilst adopting quality standards and a relentless commitment to safety.Workplace Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Select Harvests believe that gender equality produces a better workplace and is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities. 

Certificate of Compliance with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012

Workplace Gender Equality Reporting 2021/22 

SHV Zero Harm 2023

Mental and physical wellbeing is our top priority. Hear our people speak about Zero Harm and what it means to them.



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