Investing in Select Harvests

Today over 10,000 individual and institutional investors are shareholders in Select Harvests. Select Harvests’ shares are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The following information is provided to help answer some frequently asked questions about investing in Select Harvests. As with all share investments on the ASX, there are associated risks involved. Prospective shareholders should seek their own advice from professional advisors.

How do I buy and sell Select Harvests shares?

You can buy or sell Select Harvests shares through a licensed stockbroker who will charge a brokerage on the transaction. If you do not already have a stockbroker there is a listing of brokers in the yellow pages or you can access the Australian Stock Exchange. Select Harvests does not sell shares directly to shareholders.

How do I find out what my share is worth?

You will find the latest price, trading volume, buy and sell quotes and other information about Select Harvests shares (ASX code SHV) in the financial section of major newspapers or from the ASX web site.

When does the company issue financial reports?

Financial reports are issued to the ASX in November for the full financial year and in May for the half year to March 31. Each result announcement is also posted on Select Harvests’ website.

When do I receive a dividend?

Dividends are paid to shareholders through the company’s share registry, Computershare Investor Services on (03) 9415 4000. An interim dividend is usually paid in July while the final dividend is usually paid in January.
It may be possible for shareholders to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan. The Dividend Reinvestment Plan Rules and Application Form are below.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan Rules and SHV DRP Application Form

Where can I find information about Select Harvests?

You can find additional information about Select Harvests by contacting your stockbroker who may be able to provide copies of research reports written about Select Harvests . Note that the information and estimates contained in these reports are those of organisations who prepare them and not those of Select Harvests . Select Harvests accepts no responsibility and does not warrant the accuracy of these reports.