Our Projects

We are excited to promote two critically important projects, Project Parboil and Project Hull to Energy (H2E). Both of these projects have attracted political and media attention due to their innovative nature and benefits of what they will bring collectively to rural Victoria, Australia and globally.

Dan Wilson, spend 1 minute with


'I enjoy the fact that we make power for the whole site and also putting some into the community


Project H2E

Project H2E is a world first with the utilisation of almond hull and shell as an energy source for generating electricity and steam directly to a manufacturing site. Project H2E will generate enough energy to power the Carina West Processing Facility and the irrigation pumps at the Carina Orchard. This project has enabled the development of 8 new career opportunities for permanent staff.

Project Parboil

Project Parboil will be a state-of-the-art, fully integrated Almond processing line that will value add to the existing packing line at Carina West. This project was commissioned in September 2016 and has generated 12 new career opportunities for permanent staff.

Davin Wright, spend 1 minute with

Operations Manager, Robinvale

'We are always looking at how we can improve our processes - CoGen, Parboil, colour sorters - always trying to be that one step ahead.'