Our Orchard Profile

Our oldest orchard continues to perform

Nick Koutrikas (Select Harvests Farm Manager, Wemen) walks us through his orchard and talks about the importance our hort program, chill hours, tree health and the soils. Nick started 10 years ago with Select Harvests as an orchard hand and his passion for his orchard is indisputable!



SHV is the only listed opportunity for investors to participate in this market growth.

100% of Select Harvests ('SHV') current planted acreage is cash generative.
85% of SHV Planted Orchards are economically mature and in the sweet spot low capex & high cash generation 
11% of SHV Planted Orchards will reach economic maturity progressively over the next 7 years

4% of SHV Planted Orchards will be replanted within the next 5 years

Select Harvests Orchards Age Profile

Following the Piangil Orchard acquisition, Select Harvests weighted average orchard age is 13.5 years.

SHV Orchard Age Profile    

Please note: Information correct as at 26 February 2021.

Select Harvests theoretical harvest volume (MT)

SHV Havest Volume

Managed orchards

Select Harvests manages orchards on behalf of third party investors. Our services cover:

Eight years of volume growth

The growth in the productive base of the company over the last 6 years through acquisitions, replanting and greenfields planting and operational yield improvements, now sees the company with 8 years of significant and consecutive almond kernel volume growth from 2017 to 2025.

Almond Orchard Summary

Select Harvests has a portfolio of orchards: owned, leased and managed, located in the Mallee (Victoria), Riverland (South Australia) and Riverina (NSW).

Since 2012, Select Harvests has grown x2.6 in planted hectares.

SHV Planted Hectares Almonds

Orchard Areas

Our orchards are in 3 distinct areas we call Central, Northern and Southern.
Figures below as per 2023 Annual Report.

Select Harvests
Almond Orchard Portfolio
Total Planted
Central Region      
Northern Region      
Southern Region