Select Harvests Full Year 2021 Results

26 November 2021, announced by Select Harvests MD Paul Thompson

In FY2021 Select Harvests made the strategic decision to sell the Lucky and Sunsol brands and conduct a stage closure of the Thomastown production facility. With a focus now solely on almonds, Select Harvests will no longer report segment results with all operations now consolidated on a Group basis.

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Select Harvests 2021 Crop and Market Update 2

31 August 2021, announced by Managing Director Paul Thompson

Select’s Managing Director, Paul Thompson said:

“The continued strengthening of almond market conditions is pleasing. Despite ongoing shipping issues and increasing almond prices, demand for almonds remains strong.”

“The sale of Select Harvests’ Lucky and Sunsol brands will enable the company to better focus its efforts and internal resources on growing our orchard portfolio and investing in almond value-added products such as paste, sliced and slivered almonds capacity, based at our Carina West production facility.”

“Once our current investment in upgrading of the Carina West facility is completed and the new food business strategy is implemented, management estimates in excess of A$15million of working capital will be released back into the business.”

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Select Harvests 2021 Crop and Market Update 1

13 July 2021, announced by Managing Director Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson summary:

“Record almond shipments and the worsening Californian drought have led to a recent price appreciation. Demand for almonds, both in their natural form and as a value-added food ingredient, in products such as plant based milks and yoghurts, continues to grow. Thanks in part to the December 2020 acquisition of Piangil Almond orchard, Select Harvests is set to achieve a record almond crop of 28,250MT in 2021. With good progress being made on the 2022 crop, Select Harvests remains focused on the factors within its control, including almond volume, quality, value adding and operating costs.”

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"This year every region of the world is up"

31 May 2021, Richard Waycott President & CEO of the Almond Board of California

Global demand for almonds: "This year every region of the world is up. Asia pacific is up significantly which includes China and India. The Indian story is amazing. We shipped over 300 million pounds to India in the first 9 months of the year. It's the first time we have shipped 300 million pounds anywhere in a year, let alone 9 months".

'Almond Market Update Highlights New Records & Opportunities': Pacific Nut Producer Magazine

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US Drought Monitor

25 May 2021


• In the last week, another 10% of California state moved into the highest drought category - from Extreme Drought to Exceptional Drought.
• 26% of California is now in Exceptional Drought.

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International Nut & Dried Fruit Council (INC): Almond Working Group Presentation

25-27 May 2021


Slide 8: Almond Market Demand Spotlight > The ongoing growth of the Indian market - all at prices well above today.
Slide 16: California Reservoirs holding > Current water reserves are at similar levels to 2014/2015 – however there is now 27% more bearing acres of permanent crops in the ground.
Slide 17: Affordable Water Supply > Shows the outline of water from each source.

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Almond Board of California Presentation

20 May 2021


Slide 5: FY 2020 - 2021 Budget > US industry is going to spend US$53m on market development.
Slide 8: Impacts of SGMA > The US Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) is targeting 1.8 to 2.4million acre-feet of average annual overdraft. This is equivalent to 450,000 - 600,000 acres of almonds (although the impact will be felt across numerous crop types, not just almonds, as there are much less profitable crops out there).
Slide 11: Production Forecast Model > Momentum of new almond plantings in slowing, without including drought impact.

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California Statewide Almond Acreage Mapping & Summary Webinar, LandIQ

20 May 2021


Slide 18: Application, Almond Water Use > Majority of the water to be used in the five months (California Summer and Autumn).
Slide 19: Water Blueprint for San Joaquin Valley > Area forecast to most impacted by SGMA represents about 40% of the planted almond industry.

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Red alert sounding on California drought, as Valley gets grim news about water supply

The Sacramento Bee, by Dale Kasler & Ryan Sabalow, 23 February 2021

A government agency that controls much of California’s water supply released its initial allocation for 2021, and the numbers reinforced fears that the state is falling into another drought.

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said Tuesday that most of the water agencies that rely on the Central Valley Project will get just 5% of their contract supply, a dismally low number.

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Select Harvests 2020 Crop and Market Update 4

1 October 2020, announced by Managing Director Paul Thompson

In a nutshell:

- Processing: 91% of hulling and shelling completed
- Crop Size: Volume greater than 23,250MT
- Price: As previously advised in the range of A$7.25-A$7.75/kg
- COVID-19 productivity momentum increasing
- US Crop: 2020 Objective Crop Estimate 3.0 billion lb
- Global Market: Almond Board of California reports global demand rebounding
- Australian Exports: Australian Almond Board July 2020 export position down 37% due to COVID-19
- SHV 2021 Crop: Pollination complete. Tree health and crop outlook is positive

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NSW cracking down on water market speculators

Property Observer, 24 Sept 2020

The NSW Government is introducing new measures to crack down on anti-competitive behaviour and expose speculation in the water market, to address concerns raised by regional communities.

Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey said the NSW Government would begin public consultation in November to determine what improvements should be made to our existing water registers.

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Almond Insights 2019-20, Almond Board of Australia

The information contained in this booklet provides key statistics on the productive capacity, crops, markets and demand for Australian almonds within the global context. 

It provides an up to date assessment of the Australian almond industry using information provided by growers, processors, marketers, government and other organisations.

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Select Harvests 2020 Crop and Market Update 3

8 July 2020, announced by Managing Director Paul Thompson

In a nutshell:

- Harvest: Completed
- Delivered: 100% of the crop has been delivered to the SHV Carina West Processing Facility
- Processing: 60% of 2020 crop has been processed
- Crop Size: approx. 23,000 tonnes - up slightly on last year
- Price: over 80% of the crop is committed for sale at prices in the range A$7.25-A$7.75/kg
- Shipments - export customers have commenced shipments at near normal levels
- Market: Underlying demand remains strong and will grow as distribution channels return to normal
- SHV 2021 Crop: Best conditions we have seen for 3 years
- US Crop: USDA Objective Estimate (3 Billion Pounds) released last night. This is consistent with the Subjective Estimate (May 2020). We anticipate prices should firm.

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Select Harvests 2020 Crop and Market Update 2

28 April 2020, announced by Managing Director Paul Thompson

In a nutshell:
-  approx 97% of the crop has been harvested
-  60% of the crop has been delivered to the Carina West processing facility
-  25% of the crop has been processed
-  Crop size is similar to last year
-  Price, over 70% of the crop is committed for sale at prices in the range A$8.00-A$8.50/kg
-  We have commenced export shipments
-  Underlying demand for almonds remains strong and will grow as distribution channels return to normal

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Business Operations Update COVID-19

23 March 2020, announced by Managing Director Paul Thompson

All Select Harvests facilities and almond harvesting will continue to operate. We are currently exempt from lockdowns and border restrictions recently announced by State & Federal Governments. Thomastown and Carina West facilities have been operating to meet the ongoing demand and almond harvest has continued with 50% of the crop fully harvested with the yield and quality similar to last year

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Select Harvests 2020 Crop and Market Update 1

17 March 2020, delivered by Managing Director Paul Thompson

The Australian January Export shipment report has been released by the Australian Almond Board for the period March 2019 to January 2020. Month on month shipments are up 40% and YTD shipments are up 26%

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Greater Water Transparency to Support Irrigators

13 December 2019, Victorian Government Press Release

The Victorian Government has announced some positive proposed changes to the water trading rules and ownership transparency. Select Harvests believe this is a step in the right direction and hope that NSW and SA take similar action >> Read More

Select Harvests wins the Governor of Victoria Export Award

Category: Agribusiness, Food and Beverages

On Monday 14 October 2019, The Hon. Linda Dessau Governor of Victoria presented our Managing Director Paul Thompson, the Governor of Victoria Export Award 2019 (Agribusiness, Food and Beverages).  This award highlights our investment in value added products for export to SE Asia and China, and the commitment to innovation, sustainability and our people.

This was a huge team effort where every member of Select Harvests played their part  >> Read More

2019 California Almond Objective Measurement Report

California’s 2019 almond production forecast - 3 July 2019

California’s 2019 almond production is forecast at 2.2 billion pounds, down 12.0% from May’s Subjective Forecast and 3.5% from last year’s crop. The forecast is based on 1.17 million bearing acres >> Read More

Innova Global New Product Introductions

Innova Market Insights, 2018 Global New Product Introductions, May 2019, Almond Board of California

There has been significant growth and versatility in the almond New Product Development space >> More

Is the U.S. Producing Too Many Almonds? Probably not…

RaboResearch, November 2018 by Roland Fumasi, David Magana and Hayden Higgins
California Production will hit 3 billion pounds in the next five years but global demand growth is expected to keep pace with supply expansion >> Read More

This food is absurdly good for you, so go nuts!

The Sydney Morning Herald, 6 October 2018 by Liam Mannix
Reduced risk of stroke. Reduced risk of cancer. Reduced risk of heart disease. Maybe even reduced ‘all-cause mortality’, which basically means your chances of dying from any disease. The new research is likely to lead to nut consumption being promoted more heavily in the next edition of… >> Read More

Almonds deliver what consumers want in a snack

October 2018 Almond Board of California

Consumer Crave Almonds - Snacking with Almonds White Paper. Innova Market Insights data shows that, within the growing snacks and bar categories, almonds are the #1 or #2 nut across all regions globally >> Read More

Nuts for Nuts: Almond NPD thrives

30 July 2018 FoodIngredientsFirst

According to the recently released Global New Products from Innova Market Insights, almonds continue to lead new product introductions worldwide >> Read More

Almonds Gain Greater NPD Traction

30 July 2018 FoodIngredientsFirst

FoodIngredientsFirst speaks with Molly Spence (Almond Board of California) on almonds gaining greater NPD traction >> Read More

Nuts and Brain Health: What’s the latest evidence?

Webinar presented by Belinda Neville, Nutrition Program Manager, Nuts for Life and Associate Professor Alison Coates, School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia.

Current evidence shows eating nuts regularly is good for brain health, but how? Can nuts improve learning? Boost memory?

Webinar from Nuts for Life (a health education initiative from the Australian Tree Nut Industry) >> Watch webinar

Select Harvests and PepsiCo Foods (China) sign Trademark License and Distribution Agreement

16 July 2018

'Entering the China market in partnership with PepsiCo is extremely exciting for Select Harvests' says Mark Eva, Select Harvests General Manager Consumer >> Read More

Almonds: Cracking the big time

The Weekly Review, 6 June 2018 by Jacqui Hammerton

The humble little almond’s meteoric rise in our dynamic foodie era has, in a nutshell, turned it into big business >> Read More