Select Harvests Crop and Market Update

31 January 2024, announced by Managing Director David Surveyor

David Surveyor says, “Almond market conditions and prices are improving. We are focused on reducing costs, generating strong cashflows and delivering the best outcome for the 2024 crop”.

The crop is forecast to exceed 30,000MT and return to a quality profile in line with long-term averages.

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Select Harvests Crop & Market Update

15 December 2022, announced by Managing Director Paul Thompson

In a nutshell, Paul Thompson says, "The FY2023 crop is forecast at 30,000 MT compared to 29,250 MT of FY2022. Market prices are expected to remain unchanged until US crop information in February 2023. The Australian Almond Board Position Report stated a 9% upward move in shipments, with China YTD shipments up 48%.

Australian tree nuts, including almonds, were included in the recently negotiated Free Trade Agreement between Australia and India. The 2023 crop will benefit from this agreement."

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Land IQ Report: California Almond Acreage Drops in 2022 - First Time in Decades

Almond Board of California, 30 November 2022

California’s almond acreage decreased for the first time in more than 25 years, according to a new report from Land IQ to the Almond Board of California.

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2022 Postharvest state of the California Almond Industry

Pacific Nut Producer Magazine, 30 November 2022

Watch this brief interview with Richard Waycott, President of the Almond Board of California, as he reviews the 2022 almond harvest.

The 2022 California almond harvest is in the books now, and growers are appreciating a much needed breather. The crop came in considerably short in comparison with the last couple years. How will this reflect on the market and what other factors are currently at play?

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Community Donations Program

9 June 2022, announced by Nicole Feder, GM - People, Safety & Culture

As a thank you to organisations that service our local communities, every year Select Harvests invites applications from district charities, community groups, education and sporting clubs to apply for financial grants >> Read More

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Select Harvests Crop and Market Update

20 May 2022, announced by Managing Director Paul Thompson

"The market outlook is becoming more positive. Demand is returning post Covid-19 impacts and global inventories are returning to a more balanced position. Almond pricing is attractive with many alternative commodity prices increasing dramatically, due to supply issues.

This season’s harvest conditions are the worst the industry has seen in the last ten years. The harvest has been hampered by ongoing rain events preventing access to the orchard and providing insufficient on orchard drying time. Horticultural and processing wet harvest mitigation strategies were in place, but the persistent rainfall has stretched these resources. This year has been challenging and has increased costs to operate and the next six months looks as challenging."

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Select Harvests Full Year 2021 Results

26 November 2021, announced by Select Harvests MD Paul Thompson

In FY2021 Select Harvests made the strategic decision to sell the Lucky and Sunsol brands and conduct a stage closure of the Thomastown production facility. With a focus now solely on almonds, Select Harvests will no longer report segment results with all operations now consolidated on a Group basis.

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Select Harvests 2021 Crop and Market Update

31 August 2021, announced by Managing Director Paul Thompson

Select’s Managing Director, Paul Thompson said:

“The continued strengthening of almond market conditions is pleasing. Despite ongoing shipping issues and increasing almond prices, demand for almonds remains strong.”

“The sale of Select Harvests’ Lucky and Sunsol brands will enable the company to better focus its efforts and internal resources on growing our orchard portfolio and investing in almond value-added products such as paste, sliced and slivered almonds capacity, based at our Carina West production facility.”

“Once our current investment in upgrading of the Carina West facility is completed and the new food business strategy is implemented, management estimates in excess of A$15million of working capital will be released back into the business.”

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Select Harvests 2021 Crop and Market Update

13 July 2021, announced by Managing Director Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson summary:

“Record almond shipments and the worsening Californian drought have led to a recent price appreciation. Demand for almonds, both in their natural form and as a value-added food ingredient, in products such as plant based milks and yoghurts, continues to grow. Thanks in part to the December 2020 acquisition of Piangil Almond orchard, Select Harvests is set to achieve a record almond crop of 28,250MT in 2021. With good progress being made on the 2022 crop, Select Harvests remains focused on the factors within its control, including almond volume, quality, value adding and operating costs.”

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"This year every region of the world is up"

31 May 2021, Richard Waycott President & CEO of the Almond Board of California

Global demand for almonds: "This year every region of the world is up. Asia pacific is up significantly which includes China and India. The Indian story is amazing. We shipped over 300 million pounds to India in the first 9 months of the year. It's the first time we have shipped 300 million pounds anywhere in a year, let alone 9 months".

'Almond Market Update Highlights New Records & Opportunities': Pacific Nut Producer Magazine

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US Drought Monitor

25 May 2021


• In the last week, another 10% of California state moved into the highest drought category - from Extreme Drought to Exceptional Drought.
• 26% of California is now in Exceptional Drought.

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