Food Safety, Product Labelling & Quality

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Cornerstone of our food production

Food safety and quality is seen as the responsibility of everyone at Select Harvests. It is the cornerstone of our production processes at Carina West, Thomastown and in our orchards. We know that mismanagement of food safety and quality could damage the trust that consumers and business to business customers have in our products.

Meeting expectations

We are committed to supplying products that consistently meet our customers’ expectations, as well as all our regulatory compliance requirements.


We pride ourselves on the traceability of our products as a fundamental step in protecting our consumers. As a vertically integrated business we can closely monitor almond traceability from the farm to the end customer.

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Product labelling

We aim to be transparent and clear in our product labelling and have a Product Development, Specifications and Labelling procedure which outlines the roles and key responsibilities of staff.

Throughout the label creation process, Quality Assurance and New Product Developers business units are required to sign off for compliance.